About me

Energy work fascinates me, because I like to accompany people on their way to being released from their issues and old patterns. Step by step you regain access to yourself and thereby start living your own purpose again, powerful in each moment of life!


For 15 years I have been working in the financial business and have gathered instructive experiences in various corporate divisions during this time, professionally as well as personally.


Through the years I realized, that everything always revolves around two crucial things, regardless of function and position in a company or in which area of life:


First, how clear and authentic am I with me and secondly,

how is the relationship to my counterpart.


Regardless whether my counterpart is a customer, a colleague, a manager or the kids at home, the partner or the neighbour.


There are always these two aspects, that have serious effects on my well-being and thereby on my life.


To find out more accurately what is going on in one`s self and in relationship to one`s counterpart, I decided to learn energy work.


At the beginning, the trainings at the “ Shamanic Institute of Energetic Science” by Martin Brune exposed for me to the ideal teaching methodology. Because in addition to learning the technique of energy work and gaining a high degree of sensibility, it also included a very intensive process of releasing my own issues and patterns. Many years of education in various schools led me to open up more and more for this ancient wisdom, their practices and techniques. Finally this supported me to understand deeply, that all all these ways leads into the same space of healing and completion.


This personal path of inner clarification and deep experiences allowed me, to return to my own inner strength, to recognize my true talents and bring my highest Vision into Life.



I would love to accompany you on your personal way!




Martina Seiner