Energetic Work - Reading

Reading is a kind of energetic work that releases the blockages in the energy field. To gain awareness about the blockages as well as their reasons and connections brings back clearness and acceptance, which leads to peaceful transformation.


The reasons of blockages can be from experiences and happenings in this life or in lifes before. Connections to other souls in this or lifes before can be shown as well as reasons, which are responsable for issues in profession,

by body or emotionally today.



* connections with other persons, which brings

- strong negative emotions or

- strong positive emotions (soulmates)

* relationships to people who already died

* issues about self-esteem, self-love, power and non-power, etc.

* different kind of fears as well as sadness or anger

* issues by body, health, different kind of sicknesses

* issues by profession, with financials, etc.


Each transformation begins with the acceptance of what is in this moment and the understanding, why it is like this.

In that way we are able to let things go peacefully to be free again for what really corresponds to me and an easy happy life.



Duration and Costs

The Reading Setting needs about 1,5 hours and costs 120.- EUR.