Questions & Answers

With which issues/problems I can come?


You can come with any emotional, mental or physical issue that restricts you in life and prevents you from being happy.


Examples of issues/problems:


  • Feelings of inferiority, fears of all kinds, rage, anger, sadness, loneliness, jealousy, lack of trust, lack of joy, discouragement, competition, desperation etc.
  • Physical complaints such as insomnia, migraine, exhaustion, neck pain, internal unrest, anxiety, circulatory problems, stomach-ache, allergies, eating disorders (over- and underweight) ect.


The contents of the meeting will be treated confidentially?


Everything that will be discussed in the context of a session is in strict confidence!


How often should I come? How many sessions are necessary?


In the beginning I advise to consider the three most serious issues in your life. They should be treated in the context of three energetic sessions in a period of 3 to 5 weeks. Afterwards a break would be helpful, to give your body, mind and soul the ability to incorporate the changes in the energy field.


Subsequently you will feel much more connected to yourself. 

If another issue will be discovered it should be resolved in the context of

a healing session. Or maybe a consulting to read the Energetic Vehicle is due, to receive clarity on new paths.


How should I prepare for a session?


The most important requirement for a session is that you are willing to release your old burdens and so create space for your true destiny.


Ideally you know what is stressing you. You are aware of and can describe it. In the course of preliminary talk I lead you to the core of the matter and so to the underlying feeling.


How does a healing session run?


During the preliminary we find out together your present issue and the underlying emotion. Then we follow up a phase of working at the energy field by releasing all energetic blockages.


At the subsequent conversation we talk about what was experienced.

This final talk is an essential part of the healing process, to understand which experiences led to this issue.


How does a consulting to read the Energetic Vehicle run?


First you formulate questions (max. 10 per session), concerning your life. During the preliminary I support you to refine them if necessary.


Following this, I connect with your energy field, ask each question and get the corresponding answers. The more specific the question, the more accurate will be the energetic picture as your response.


It is a deep insight in your “energetic essence”, your “true being”.

Afterwards during the subsequent conversation, all the answers will be discussed together.


How do I formulate my questions?


Examples of questions:

  • Does my current job correspond to my vocation?
  • Is it time for a change in my field of work?
  • Will I be successful with my project/ idea/ professional independence?
  • What is my current mission in life?
  • What leads me to financial security?
  • Which place of residence is good for me?
  • How can I improve my relationships with my partner/ children/ parents/ parents-in law/ colleagues?
  • What can I do for my child to help her/him to live up to her/his talents?
  • What is the next step in my partnerships?
  • What leads me now to my inner strength?
  • How can I improve my life?
  • What leads me now to feel real joy in life?
  • What leads me now to feel freedom / free space?
  • What kind of foods are promoting my health now?
  • Which kind of sports corresponds to who I am?


Distance energetic session - how does it run?

The effect is actually the same?


A session by distance runs identically to a local session, just by the difference, that the preliminary and subsequent conversations take

place by phone.

The effect is precisely the same. In some cases it may even be easier

to open up by a session on distance.