Energetic Session

Energetically all blockages are merely the manifestation of a disturbance in the energy field, which is expressed on a physical, mental or emotional level in the form of issues or problems.


During an energetic session, these blockages are treated and finally released, thereby activating the self-healing powers.

The energy of life can then flow freely again, and step by step you feel that you are regaining access to yourself and your own inner power.


It is a process of letting go of legacies which prevent us from living our true destiny in order to create space for being present in each moment with joy, inner satisfaction and ease.


In the beginning I advise you to consider the three most serious issues in your life. They should be treated in the context of three energetic healing sessions in a period of 3 to 5 weeks. Afterwards a break would be helpful, to give your body, mind and soul the ability to incorporate the changes in the energy field.


Duration and costs


The energetic session including preliminary and closing talks takes about 1,5 and costs 120.- EUR.


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