Energetic Session for Children

It is quite wonderful to work with children, because they are energetically “light”. They can tell you their issues quickly and release them easily.


In many cases, children are only a mirror of the issues of their parents or other people in their immediate environment. For that reason it is important that the parents are willing to face their own issues and old patterns to release them too.


Walking this path together is worthwhile for everyone involved.


Because it brings parents back to their calm and strength, enabling them to see their children in their own personal uniqueness and to be able to accompany them with love through their life.


And children can return to their playful ease in which they identify and make their own way intuitively.


In the end, this is the highest aim of all parents to give their children only the best in their life.


Examples of possible problems/issues:


  • Fears, fits of rage, sleep disturbances, rejection, hyperactivity, sadness, school problems, eating disorders, etc.


Examples of questions in context of a consulting to read the energetic vehicle:


  • How can I encourage my child optimally as a mother/father ?
  • What leads my child to own inner power living his talents?
  • Which kindergarden/school is best for my child?
  • What schooling/training corresponds to the talents of my child? etc.



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