Vesseling Source - infinitely finally free

Vesseling Source means reconnection to the very own inner source by „stripping off“ all dependencies, that each of us carries consciously or unconsciously in one`s self.


Examples of dependencies


Food, especially sugar, nicotine, alcohol, mobile phone, internet, television, computer games, sports, coffee, tea, certain persons, etc.


These dependencies result from so-called “energy leaks” in the energy field, which cause energy losses. Consciously or unconsciously you feel these “energy leaks” and try to balance them with an external substitute

(in form of food, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, etc.).


In the context of a Vesseling Source session exactly these “energy leaks” will be closed and so the flowing off of the energy will be stopped. You will be reconnected with yourself and your inner source, to live again intuitively guided by your own inner strength.


The essential requirement is that you really want to release your dependencies now!


Duration and costs


The Vesseling Source session takes about 1,5 hours and costs 120.- EUR. 



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