Feedback about Sessions and Positioning

Dear Martina, accompanied by your guidance I could face my greatest fear to find within it my greatest Light - no one can take this away anymore.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

The energetic work with Martina was of an intensity and healing power for me as I have been looking for at individual therapies but never found before (only in group therapy). She also helped my wife and some friends so effectively and sustainably.

When my wife and me slipped into a massive crisis in our mariage,

 Martina seemed to be the right person for us, just like our last hope. 

A classic couples therapy had just failed badly some time before.

First we were insecure, whether she also offers settings for couples (we know Martina not from web, but by recommendation). 

But in an energetic setting for couples she did a miracle! I really want to describe her work this way, because for me its more hopeless if two people are in fighting which each other than having problems just on your own. 

So now when the sun shines again between us, that's a miracle for me which everyone understands who loves.

Dear Martina,

I`m sure we always meet the right person at the perfect time to get what we need in this moment. Thank you so much for your lightful sessions, K.

Love Martina!

Thank you for the wonderful sessions with you! I am always amazed at how sensitive you bring things to the point, take me almost by the hand and if necessary you let me know my topic clearly. Even a friendship could be saved and I go through life joyful than ever before.

Thank you! Lovely greetings, Christian

Dear Martina,

Yesterday our healing session included my mother issue, which has restricted me from childhood quite heavily in my life. A life full of rules and obligations, without joy, ease, confidence in myself. How hard I tried, I could never strip off all these oppressive feelings.

After our energetic session and the subsequent conversation I felt that I finally was able to make such a large load. I feel this confidence in myself. In addition to the release of the problem I feel an understanding of my mother. I am so happy because now I feel soo FREE!!

I'm curious about more changes and keep you updated.

Grateful regards, C.

Dear Martina,

Just today I made another decision for me wholeheartedly. It is so gorgeous between all these false starts to finally find my own way and to feel that my life is on flow.

All energetic sessions with you seems to be like a „springtime cleaning" in me and it is so beneficial to see finally, what I really am and what I'm not at all :-).I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love Nicole

Love Martina,

I have due to my numerous complaints (including insomnia, migraine, restlessness, great sadness, lack of joy for life ...) tried a lot in recent years - ultimately it has only slightly helped me on my way to healing.

After our first energetic session, I felt so powerful and faith in me and my inner strength, that was suddenly there again. This made me so happy. Finally after years of searching I was arrived and I thank you that now I found "my healing opportunity". But I can not thank you enough!

In addition to the energetic session itself, the subsequent conversation is very valuable. It helps me to understand the root of the blockages and through your loving way I feel in best hands in a trustful context.

Now we have already worked some sessions together and I feel the lasting change that is under way. I feel, even if sometimes stressful environment acts on me, this inner stability and strength, and I will not allow to be taken away anymore! :-)

I thank you with all my heart and I am so glad you support me on my way to lightness, strength and joy. I look forward to our next appointment.

Lots of love, Claudia

Dear Martina,

I congratulate you warmly on your website! Looks great and reflects your own clarity. I thank you for your loving way during the sessions and look forward to soon be able to work with you! All the best, Karin

Love Martina!

I have now read twice with you my energetic vehicle. The fascinating for me is the fact, as we will see things. You do not get "horoscope for life," but a good insight into your current situation and help with upcoming decisions. This is very helpful and supportive to me. I go through life with eyes "more open". I`m very curious to see how it goes on. Thanks and all the best, Karin W.

Dear Martina,

Thanks for the last session. For me, as a man it's hard to understand what's going forth from the mind, but it works! Thank you, Alex

I would like to write something about our Positioning Session:

What makes exactly this form of Positioning work for me that special among to other things, is the final healing journey. This makes the session „whole“. You go home with a good feeling, and the healing process gets underway. If necessary, can possibly be supported by individual sessions. That is very important for me, because no one feels left alone. I'm excited! Greetings to Vienna!