Feedback about Workshops

Dear Martina, Dear Eva,

thank you so much for this fantastic Workshop „Burnout Prevention". The title already touched me by reading and immediatly I booked all parts.

The beginning of first part in September and ending in december before Christmas was great, because just the fact to know, we see once every month to "let go old patterns" helped me in harder days.

Time before beginning I was very exited, in which way you will teach this interesting topic. And you did perfectly! This amazing combination of theory and energy work combined with Meditation Tools were great. It couldnt be made in any better way. 

During the workshop days I learned lots about myself and supported my understanding for the Connections in my life, why things happened the way they did and not differently. 

I sense an inner calmness, by being conscious and present in me. 

And I feel fantastic easy, peaceful with myself - great to let go old heavy patterns and start living yourself! 

THANK YOU for all!

- For the wonderful creation of this important workshop especially in this time of stressful situations for everyone. 

- For deciding, whats important for us, the participants, in every Moment.  

- For giving us this healing space, in which each of us could be the one he is.

- For your great Food.

- For your beautiful give away presents

 - For a wonderful atmosphere and lovely accompany through these days.

I feel so much more self-confident and stronger in every way by being proud and happy for spending this precious time with you togehter.

Such a nice comliment I received a few days after your course. Somebody asked me, what I have done, because I`m looking so relaxed and beautiful.

To all, who are interested in Burnout Prevention: I can only recommend this helpful great Workshop. It will help you for sure!

Thank you with all my heart! I`m looking Forward to see you soon!

Love Claudia

Dear S.......This letter stands for Seiner, for Sommer and especially for SO BEAUTIFUL SISTERS! He is also written wonderful on your folder of the Workshop "I recover myself with all senses".

Exactly this folder touched me and lead me to a big step - I just joined and had a fantastic week in june 2015.

Spamed from all daily doings, heavy and not sensible in any way I experienced this wonderful transformation in only five days.

I was ready to say yes; on the third day I experienced these energetic positionings with big wonder, sweating, smiling and moments of Aha.

Suddenly after the first days I felt so easy I didnt felt long time before. Suddenly "I" was present again by laughing tears and sensing so so so much more!

It was also beautiful to represent important roles in the energetic positionings of the other participants.

In a gently carefully way you increased step by step - with nature pictures, energetic sessions and talkings - the trust and love to oneself and to oneself`s life.

I had time for MYSELF by thingking on me and formulating my own visions. The 5th day is like floating on soft clouds, with so much love, joy and new friends.

I also want to say : so different the participants at the beginning seemed to be (3 man, 4 women), during the week we developed to a  shining and harmonic "unit" by reflecting in a very positiv way on the other people in the hotel. They became very curious and maybe you, dear guest, too ?!

When time is right, you find your way to these magical angels on earth, to Martina and Eva!

THANK YOU and I`m coming back, because the hotel was perfect for this event too. The delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets with lots of fish, salad and fruits strengthed in great way. The rooms with wonderful bathroom and big balcony with amazing sea view made these days just perfect in every way!

I just say: A;)) like All Love D.

Dear Martina, Dear Eva,

thank you so much from the buttom of my heart for these wonderful Intensive Workshop Days „I recover myself with all senses“ in Croatia.

I participated last year too and read my last feedback by identifying completely with my words in same way. Who is reading these lines please watch my feedback of june 2014, I sense same for this year-

I`d like to tell you how my life changed now since I`m back home:

I feel REALLY GREAT! I`m able to sleep again all night deeply so I wake up fit and recovered full of joy for a new day.

I feel so strong by realizing this amazing feeling to accept myself completely, with all thats in me. This honest Yes to me and my life changes everything!!

I enjoy to see how my new way of communication changes the quality of my relationships completely.

I sense this deep connection and trust in me. Unbelievable, which powers are getting free now. I`m just so so happy! :-)  

I`m often walking in nature, because I can sense her support to stay in deep connection with myself. Your morning meditation gave me lots of strength for every day and now at home I try to meditate daily. It helps me to stay calm and balanced in every way.

Thank you for your love, your support, just everything you both gave for the healing and well-being of our group. For this lovely, beautiful design of every single day, they passed so fast.

Thank you so much for everything, I could let go, for all I sensed and felt in this week. You both teach me, what Love and trust really mean and I`m so grateful for this.

The location you have chosen is fantastic to feel great. This place is a source of power. I regret by departure not to spent more time there.

I repeat like last year: Words can not discribe, how unique, fantastic and unforgettable these days with you were. 

I can only recommend everyone to participate too! You will never regret! Thank you for everything! Love, Claudia

Dear Martina, Dear Eva!

The Intensive Workshop Days with you had been soooo important and so healing for me!!!! After month of inner fighting and resistance why things are as they are, I became able again to experience the present moment here and now just the way it is. I was blessed of your Workshop with so many presents inside myself.

I could sense again: " Everything is good!"

I could feel again: "Life takes care of me, Life carries me!"

Thank you very much to both of you for your great surrounding support in a sooooo special, compassionate and loving way!

Big hug! Martina St.

Dear Martina, dear Eva!

I enjoy your workshops every time. Its a wonderful , energetic , peaceful and powerful experience in a pleasant and trustfull place - with you two angels. :-) The workshop " self-esteem and self-love " touched me immediatly. I liked very much the way you explained all cleary and the 6 columns I've written several times for myself at home.

I also welcome that you have added meditation to your program. For me, another impulse to continue also at home. I would be happy to look at this topic again maybe in half a year. Its like a gift to myself to let grow the love to myself step by step. :-)

Thank you for a wonderful day , Sincerely Claudia

Dear Martina, dear Eva!

Thank you with all my heart for the wonderful workshop I love my life in Croatia. I already had so beautiful private sessions with you Martina, so I was very excited to see how I'll feel in a group. I am so glad I choose this workshop. I could benefit so much from the whole group. It was very interesting to do my own energetic positioning as well as being part of the positionings of the other participants. You both carried us so great through these days. Now I read my visions I formulate in this workshop - Yes, it has really done so so much. Thank you!

Also the place for the workshop was perfectly choosen. Meditating by the sea, delicious food, nice rooms and fantastic people. I'm looking forward to the next workshops. Much love Eva

Dear Martina, dear Eva!

During these intensive workshop days in Croatia, I received again clarity in my life and a great feeling of freedom in my heart. The formulation of my own visions gave me inner strength and huge energy, which I could take quite wonderful in my everyday life.

It is an amazing place where you can find peace and relaxation and in combination with your great workshop you go back home with incredible joy of life! Thank you! Christa

Dear Martina, dear Eva!

Thank you for your wonderful workshop in Croatia, which I really enjoyed. The atmosphere was fantastic and these days were so exciting and really intensive for me. You guided all of us in such a lovely way through all spheres of life. Every day you led each of us until everyone was exactly at its most essential points and all was clearly shown in everyone`s individual natural picture.

Concerning my profession, I received clarity and now I`m already working on the implementation of my cognitions - I have already written my personal list of doings just to implement all what is coming next.

Particularly impressive for me was the energetic positioning - especially my own one! At first I could not believe all the positive changes after the subsequent energetic healing session. But my return back home was so beautiful - with my partner it feels so easy and lovely now just like I felt after the energetic healing session. That`s unbelievable! I also recognized how important it is to tell and show my inner feelings in every relationship. 

The place you have chosen for this workshop is really unique - with so much tranquility and the omnipresent view on the sparkling sea - from the room as well as from the pool.

So beautiful was also the way you showed us the daily meditation. A very special moment for me was when I opened my eyes again after meditation. Suddenly I could see all the colours so much stronger and the sea, the sky and the trees have appeared so much more plastically - the space around me was suddenly extremly noticeable!

I could add them so much more - but in short lines: it was a lovely week, which has moved probably much more in my life than I can say in words.

It was just a huge gift that I could be there. So I thank you with all my heart and wish you many successful workshop weeks like this!

All the best! C.

Dear Martina, dear Eva!

Your workshop in Croatia was awesome. This beautiful ambiance, the excellent organization and the extremely nice group helped to get to know myself much better. The energetic healing sessions I miss very much and the meditation including the "formless" already works better for me. Thank you for this beautiful experience! See you soon, M.  

Dear Martina, dear Eva,

I thank you with all my heart for these wonderful intensive workshop days "I love my life!" in Dalmatia.

A few days before my departure some thoughts and feelings occupied my mind, also including the fact to face this challenge of personal process. 

But I knew that with you I am in best hands and now I'm sooooooooo glad I decided for it!

Your program was designed very lovely and attentive, every day new "building blocks" added and finallly it became a „harmonious whole“ for all of us. You listened and responded with lots of understanding and heart individually to each participant – just depending on what it needed - so everybody felt perfectly cared. At the end of every day I finished with such a great feeling inside  myself that I was more than happy for my decision to do this workshop! Now I`m feeling fantastic!!! I sense such a deep connection to myself and

I am almost overwhelmed by how much strength I feel again. I could "tear out trees" and I sleep as well as years before.

I also want to mention this beautiful, powerful landscape and all the relaxing and recreationally treatments in the hotel.

Words can not describe these unique, great and unforgettable days with you and the group. I can only recommend this course to everyone, you will not regret for sure! Many thanks to you! All the best, Claudia

Dear Eva, dear Martina!

It was a great workshop last saturday! So full of energy and lots of space to feel good.;-) People around still ask me, why I`m looking so relaxed!

Lovely greetings Doris

Thank you for this wonderful workshop! Particularly exciting for me was the energetic positioning and to realize so clearly all the changes after the following healing session! I was so full of life and energy by driving home! Thanks, F.

Dear Eva, Dear Martina!

Thank you very much for your sooooooo lovely accompanied Workshop about Relationships in Vienna! You two and all what`s free in me now, are such a great gift for me! Feel embraced wholeheartedly! Martina St.

Thanks for the great afternoon/evening of the workshop about relationships! On the way home I had this feeling of deep satisfaction and the inner strength to "rip out trees" - these feelings I had not for a long time! Thank you so much and see you soon, Martina

Thank you with all my heart for the fantastic workshop about relationships. Finally I could gain clarity about what is good for me and let go of what has burdened me. I feel relieved and happy and I am delighted of you and your work. Sincerely Christa

Love Martina and Eva! You give me the strength and courage to keep on going, because you let me see the joyfull way of life. That's exactly what I wish for myself. This afternoon of workshop always goes by like a flash. Maybe because I`m together with like-minded people, accompanied by you, who works with an incredible loving energy, support and passion by giving us a lot of space and time for all what we can look at. I am pleased with all the informations, this feels so good for me. And a very powerful new belief touched my heart. Thank you so much!

Dear Martina, dear Eva! I thank you so much for this great afternoon. 

It was the second workshop I participated and every time it's such a precious experience for me. The workshop "Living vocation joyfully" has helped me a big step forward in my considerations to start up my own business. You are a perfect team and radiates both such a pleasant warmth, just to feel wonderful. It's always great to participate. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Kind regards, Sonja

Love Martina! Love Eva!

The workshop was once again awesome, although it felt very different - the workshop had its own energy with very new inputs, which were exciting for me. The same evening I received an order during the workshop, when we have been working diligently on my vocation. In addition, I've helped a customer seeking help on the same evening and received incredibly great feedback! My conclusion: As you let things go, they start moving automatically. I thank you very much for your support and look forward to next time! All the best! B.

Dear Martina, dear Eva,

already my happiness by looking forward to your workshop - this time about relationships - has carried me through a very intensive week at my job and helped me not to desperate. I thank you with all my heart. I am so happy that i participated. What could be better than being together with great people, accompanied by you - working with so much love and understanding. Your program was just perfect and I felt so fantastic und good supported by you. I can feel all these positive changes in me and now I know much better how to do the right things for me first. All because of your support. Thank you so much, just for everything! Sincerely C.

Love Martina! Love Eva!

Thousand thanks for this wonderful workshop "Living relationships joyfully!". I went home tired but happy and the next day I was shining brightful (also people around told me) and full of energy!

And the implementation in daily life makes me really lots of fun!

Many, many thanks to both of you!

Love Martina and Eva!

Your workshop "Living relationships joyfully!" was once again a hit!

A real roller coaster ride of emotions, everything was revealed.

You do this energetic work with so much love and passion, it is a pleasure to experience these workshops. The energetic positioning has brought me up a big step forward and showed me what I still have to work on.

Afterwards I had a wonderful experience I would like to share with you.

The next day I was invited to a birthday party and I was asked why I shine that much! This is such a great feeling to see that the others realize my inner progress and I thank you both very much for this, it just feels incredible good. Thanks a lot!

Much love Tanja

Dear Martina, Dear Eva,

Thanks for the great workshop "joy of life". It was such a beautiful day: the trust framework in a group "like-minded", performed by you with so much love and understanding  accompanied by an optimal program. The workshop has brought me further on my path a big piece. Since now is already one week passed and I feel so much stronger, more confident and a lot of being "free" (not as externally determined). What particularly pleases me is that I'm happy and not leave my humor so easily anymore!

I'm really looking forward to the next workshop, I'm definitely back! :-) With love to you both. Hope to see you soon, Claudia

I thank you both for the great workshop! Your 2 girls are a great team and make your work really very well, I'm thrilled. I felt very comfortable with you –I´m sure you noticed- and the group was very very nice, it`s so wonderful to know such great people. So every afternoon could be like this! :-) Martina so when is the next workshop? ;-)

Lovely Greetings Tanja

Thank you for the wonderful workshop "joy of life". Of the program points to the loving framing everything was just perfect. It was an incredible day and you toped yourself! Relieved and full of energy I was driving home this evening when someone at the stop addressed me how much I shine!

Just fantastic - a great feeling! Mr. B.